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Ebooks nas Áeas de Educação Física e Fisioterapia

A Biblioteca Setorial do Cefid/Udesc colocou à disposição dos estudantes e professores do centro 45 novos e-books, comprados no fim de 2011, nas áreas de Educação Física e Fisioterapia. Os e-books estão disponíveis via internet, para acesso on-line ou download, na base de dados EBSCO.

Lista de e-books adquiridos pela Biblioteca

100 Ideas for Teaching Physical Development
Advances in Applied Sport Psychology
Adventure Sports
Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry
Coaching Kids
Competitive Anxiety Review
Complications in Knee and Shoulder Surgery
Contemporary Sport, Leisure and Ergonomics
Disability and Youth Sport
Emergency Care in Athletic Training
Ethics of Sports Coaching
Ethics, Knowledge and Truth in Sports Research
Exercise Testing for Primary Care and Sports Medicine
Games and Physical Education in Schools
Genetics and Sports
Health and Physical Education
Hoop Dreams on Wheels
Human Factors Methods and Sports Science
Human Muscle Fatigue
Intermittent Hypoxia
Living With Sports Injuries
Marketing the Sports Organisation
Motor Learning in Practice
Musculoskeletal, Sports, and Occupational Medicine
Neuromuscular Aspects of Sport Performance
Nutritional Assessment of Athletes
Paralympic Games Explained
Philosophical Perspectives on Gender in Sport and
Phyiscal Activity
Qualitative Research in Sport Management
Research Methods for Sports Performance Analysis
Research Methods for Sports Studies
Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology
Sport and Physical Activity for Mental Health
Sport Psychology
Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries and Their Effects on Health
Sports Injury Prevention
Sports Media
Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
Strategic Sports Event Management
Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Conditioning for Team Sports
Strength Training
Supervision of Physical Education
Tackling Bullying in Athletics
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